Making Cheese

Making cheese was an eye opening experience. I never quite understood what really went into cheese. It’s amazing how concentrated of a food source cheese! I can imagine how valuable a food source like this would be in ancient times. Not only is cheese a super condensed form of nutrition but, if prepared correctly, can […]

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Narrative Reflection #1

Roughly during the first three weeks of class, we covered various survival skills. The first artistry that the class attempted to tackle was creating a fire. The process takes a lot of time and energy and, in my opinion, the task is tedious. Materials that we used to for the operation were a plank of […]

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Freshman Seminar Reflection 1

While I was considering what I should do with my 2 extra credits during my first semester at USC, I realized just how many different options I had in front of me. I could take anything from golf lessons to dance. However, I wasn’t quite sure that I wanted to do something that extreme during […]

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Community Cooperation

I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up for this class. Ostensibly it promised to be an exploration of the tools and techniques used by early man to accomplish everyday life, but practically I looked at it as more of a series on apocalypse preparation. It’s been exactly what […]

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Soft Skin

Put me back a few thousand years in the past and I would not last a single night. I’d call the cause of death hypothermia. To some of us, myself included, even starting a fire with the strike of a match seems rather primitive, let alone with a few pieces of wood. Nonetheless our task […]

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