I should clarify

MAKING PTMS IS REALLY COOL. I have an unfortunate habit of writing blog posts that entertain me, and then someone has to come up afterward and very gently say, “Sarah, you’re frightening people.” So let me discuss the great and wonderful world of PTMing. This image technology is incredibly useful. It allows us to create […]

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China has been blocking my internet for awhile now… It’s been quite obnoxious, all this censorship. Where driving drunk is just now being addressed, and where you can basically do whatever you want in public, they will still block your right to blog about your experiences! I spend every single day here wearing BDUs, boots, […]

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A significant loss

If you’ve seen the “dome” we use in USC’s Archaeology Research Center when making the movable light images, you  know something about John Melzian –  he  designed it.  If you’ve seen the “tarantula” you know something about John too — he transformed it. And if you’ve heard of the adventures of the West Semitic Research Project […]

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Home is where the hearth is

I’ve been in the field now for a week… We start pretty late for an excavation. We get to the site at 7, work until 11:30, break until 3:30 or 4 depending on the heat, and then come back until 7. I have a 5x5m quadrant of a larger 10×10 square. I have a partner […]

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On routine.

Most people think of archaeology as a rough-and-tumble, National Geographic discipline of men and women spending time in tents or in crappy locations in the middle of nowhere without running water and digging until extreme conditions. While that may be true in some places (indeed, a lot of excavations), our place is a palace in […]

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