The First 24

So I have been here at the compound for a full day now. In part its a huge change to enter dorm-style living on the edge of a village where you cant drink the freezing cold water. In other ways, I kind of jumped in easily since I have been here a few summers in a row now and am familiar with the routine.

It is still early in the season, so there are only about 7 of us right now. The pottery girls, me (the registrar this year), and the field supervisor. Things are nice and casual so far since the excavating hasn’t started. In the meantime, my big job is to get all my work up and operating seamlessly by the time everyone else arrives and the digging starts.

My sleep schedule is still blessed with jet-lag and the anti-malarial is giving me vivid dreams that turn into hallucinations when they dont go away after I wake up. Other than that, everything is right on track 🙂



One thought on “The First 24

  1. You’ve been hallucinating??? I don’t remember that happening next year… I don’t know if I should trust you and your “anti-malarials.”

    Seriously though, no hallucinations, please. Hope they go away soon!

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