Drowning in Pottery

This is a brilliant field school. I am having so much fun here already, and I’ve been here for four days. So far we are still getting primed in the city of Xi’an, which is near the site that we’ll be excavating. We’ve been doing a lot of basic stuff on Neolithic-Han dynasty Chinese archaeology […]

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The First 24

So I have been here at the compound for a full day now. In part its a huge change to enter dorm-style living on the edge of a village where you cant drink the freezing cold water. In other ways, I kind of jumped in easily since I have been here a few summers in […]

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China is 60 years old.

Or so the Party likes to say. I’ve been in China for almost three weeks, but living in Shanghai. Shanghai doesn’t really have any archaeology, but it does have an interesting history as a treaty port. We took a side trip to Beijing/Xi’an, which are the current and former capitals of what we know now […]

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