It’s late May and that means one thing to an archaeology student: field season. Digs all over the world are getting started for the summer season and if you’re lucky enough to be on one the fun is just starting.

Last summer I went with Boston University to the island of Menorca (Spain). This year I just hopped across the Mediterranean to Pylos, Greece. To be super technical the dig seems to be Mycenaean residential. In more exciting terms, the dig seems to be about Agamemnon’s hometown. I’m not digging at the palace, but I am digging where the people that Agamemnon would have ruled live.

Technically the dig starts today (people arriving) but I came early to work in the museum for a few days before the dig gets going. This was one of those times that being an overachiever totally paid off. The people I’ve been working with these past few days are awesome and I cna’t wait to spend more time with them.

What does volunteering in an archaeology museum entail? Washing pottery. Lots and lots of pottery. That’s why you need to have fun, interesting people with you because you spend most of the day talking as you scrub various bits of ceramics. Of course, part of the fun is complaining about how much pottery you washed that day.