There isn’t much more to say than that.

Sarah Hawley took first place in the Humanities category for her project on Judaidah figures. Let’s step back for a second and just congratulate her for all her hard and amazing work. This project was a long-time coming, and it was phenomenal (I’ve been stalking the web page). Now she is Miss Phi Beta Kappa, Miss Undergraduate Writer’s Conference, AND Miss Undergrad Research Symposium– a second-semester trifecta 🙂

Lexy Sinnott took a second place with her work on Roman glass recycling. I was too busy fending off judges to really take a look at her poster, but I know that her project was so so so cool and relevant.

Tiffany Tsai and me took home an honorable mention for our project on Argonne, imaging methodology and Iron Age projectile points. This is very exciting and encouraging for me, as our project is most definitely a work in progress and will only get better with the years! I was a little worried as I literally showed up, put my backpack down and BAM! a judge was right there without time for me to even pick up my registration packet… But it worked out! Tiffany is a great research partner and I thought we worked really well off of each other, filling each other in where we might have faltered, throwing in tidbits and fun facts about archaeological science (the judges were mostly English people), and trying to get the judges excited for our superawesome project. I reached my goal of being able to speak coherently in front of judges, and just so happened to pick up an award along the way. I can’t wait to get better at presenting research and speaking in front of people… And overall becoming more “professional”.

This is the 11th year that students working in the Archaeology Lab have won the Humanities Division, and the 11th year of Archaeology students dominating the symposium in general. It was unfortunate that Professor Dodd and Ashley were not in the country to see us kill it, but they will know that we held it down while they were away 🙂


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