Research Projects and Symposium Entries!

It occurred to me that readers of this blog (because we have such a cult following…) might enjoy seeing the undergraduate research projects that come out of the USC Interdisciplinary Archaeology major. We’ve been slaving away tirelessly, some of us for years, on some fantastic projects. Our final submissions to the Provost Undergraduate Research Symposium are due in 10 minutes, so once everyone scurries over to Doheny at the last second and then takes a moment to calm down, I hope everyone will post links to their online research pages. Not everyone submitted a website to the Symposium, so those you’ll just have to see on Wednesday 🙂

Jenny Crawford: She was last year’s Symposium winner and isn’t submitting this year, but here’s her website anyway! Bringing the Past to Life: Recreating an Ancient Egyptian Gilding Technique

Sarah Hawley: The Iconography of Empire: Political Transition as Demonstrated in the Terracotta Figurines of Tell al-Judaidah

STARCers, please add your websites to this post!


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