Another shameless plug!

I have got to be the least “professional” person I know. As I mentioned before in a post a few months ago, most of my friends at USC are in business-oriented majors. They are often seen looking sharp in suits and could probably sell you a resealed used bottle of water. I, on the other hand, wore a suit for the first time just this past Tuesday. Heels to me are the American equivalent of foot-binding. And so it is this time of year that I dread the most: symposium. Four hours of standing around in a suit nervously waiting to prattle off (strategically) to the judges about my research in painful heels and formal attire.

Well, every experience is a learning experience. This isn’t so much explaining as it is selling. It’s talking it up and making it really awesome, and showing the awesome implications. I really sucked at this last year (and probably am only a little better this year) and felt really bad since I knew my project was pretty awesome and I didn’t do it justice. This year, my goals are to just be better at speaking, be more calm and more prepared for the judges’ questions. Hopefully they won’t play hardball, but in the spirit of my weapon’s project, I’ll be prepared for a siege.

To see me in a suit, you should all come out to Trousdale on Wednesday and hear about mine and Tiffany’s AWESOMELY FANTASTIC project from Argonne, Shawley’s amazing work with the Judaidah figurines, and Aaron’s research on our Egyptian ossuary. Be there and expand your horizons with cutting edge undergraduate research!


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