Symposium Time… bum bum bum

It’s that time again. Provost Undergraduate Research Symposium time. In the upcoming weeks, the lab will be filled with hordes of unhappy undergraduates, pulling their hair out in hanks and squinting at websites under construction and poster drafts under review.

The ARC lab has a rather prolific history of victory at the Symposium. Every year, our tiny group of researchers submits ten to fifteen projects, one or more of which inevitably end up winning awards. Professor Dodd is probably driven even crazier than the rest of us, since she tends to mentor, advise, and oversee EVERY SINGLE ONE of these archaeology submissions. That’s more than any other professor at the Symposium.

Being the masochist that I am, I rather enjoy Symposium time, in a weird way. There’s something almost soothing about losing yourself in highly focused work, made spicier by a dose of panic. Also, I’m a bit of a website construction fiend (of the iWeb variety–no way am I writing my own code!). So all in all, I tend to enjoy it at least a little bit.

But right now I’m having a little difficulty psyching myself up for the work. Maybe it’s because I’m a second semester senior, worried about life after school and senioritis and getting through this last month alive and without permanent psychological damage. But I know that once I sit down and really spend some effort on updating my website, I’ll feel that old enthusiasm again, and things will go just fine.

And on Wednesday, April 14, I’ll be among the group of smiling, exhausted archaeology students, dressed in our nicest clothes next to posters and laptops displaying the research that many of us have been working on for years. From 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM we will spiel about a wide variety of topics to anyone who will listen, sharing our own crazed love for our projects with judges, professors, and random passersby. It’s an absolute nerdfest, and the variety and quality of research presented is always astounding.

So please come support the ARC lab researchers at the Symposium on April 14 between 10:00 and 2:00! We’ll be on Trousdale Parkway somewhere, mostly in the Humanities category, and we would love to see some friendly faces.



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