There isn’t much more to say than that. Sarah Hawley took first place in the Humanities category for her project on Judaidah figures. Let’s step back for a second and just congratulate her for all her hard and amazing work. This project was a long-time coming, and it was phenomenal (I’ve been stalking the web […]



DO IT. We’ll be on Trousdale Parkway on the USC campus all (or most?) in the Humanities category. This is your chance to learn about ossuaries, stelae, figurines, ancient recycling, and all sort of other wonderful and exciting things! 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM Be there or we’ll hunt you down… I mean, what?


About being an archaeologist

With the USC Symposium quickly (how very quickly) approaching, this is a great time to look back at our archaeological beginnings and see what twisty, marvelous paths they’ve led us down. And perhaps, in the process, reach a satisfying conclusion as to why we have spent so many hours in the lab and on Microsoft […]

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Research Projects and Symposium Entries!

It occurred to me that readers of this blog (because we have such a cult following…) might enjoy seeing the undergraduate research projects that come out of the USC Interdisciplinary Archaeology major. We’ve been slaving away tirelessly, some of us for years, on some fantastic projects. Our final submissions to the Provost Undergraduate Research Symposium […]

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Sarah follows Sarah.

Name: Sarah Butler Major: Archaeology, East Asian Area Studies Year: Junior 1. ¬†What is your title at USC? I am an archaeology and East Asian Studies major, and the scholarship officer of the Society of Trojan Archaeologists. I am also a research associate in USC’s Archaeology Research Center. 2. ¬†What is your area of expertise? […]

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Another shameless plug!

I have got to be the least “professional” person I know. As I mentioned before in a post a few months ago, most of my friends at USC are in business-oriented majors. They are often seen looking sharp in suits and could probably sell you a resealed used bottle of water. I, on the other […]

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