Rolling Deep at Argonne

Insight of the day: a great percentage of being an archaeologist is actually being a hustler for grant money. I just had this thought right now, as I am in the process of surfacing from a near-death experience drowning in applications for scholarships, fellowships and study abroad admission. I am now in shoulder-height paperwork, but […]

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Undergrads do the darnedest things

Last week saw a foray into snow and rain, beams and bunker-like laboratories.  Professor Dodd received her second award of beam time in 6 months (the first application took years!) and as a result, Sarah Butler and I got to travel to the Argonne Advanced Photon Source with her to watch and participate in a […]

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The STARC website! Yes, we finally have a website for the Society of Trojan Archaeologists. It’s still being modified, but here’s the link! STARC Check it out! ~Sarah Hawley

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