Presenting at the AIA


What a busy week! Jenny and I finally got to present at the AIA annual meeting, after much preparation and a great deal of stress. And it went great!

Jenny presented her poster on the gilding of an ancient Egyptian bronze figurine, and I read my paper about the Tell al-Judaidah terracotta figurines. Overall, we received very enthusiastic responses, and multiple comments on how rare it is for undergraduates to present at these conferences. I am honored to have been selected, and glad to represent a much younger generation of archaeologists. I know so many bright, talented, passionate students who truly represent the future of the discipline, and it’s a shame that so few have the opportunity to present at academic conferences. The empowerment of student archaeologists is a primary goal of USC archaeology, in our student group (The Society of Trojan Archaeologists), our planned outreach programs to surrounding schools, and our endeavors to promote discussion and freedom of ideas between students worldwide (Check out “The Next Generation: Students discuss archaeology in the 21st century” on facebook, a group dedicated to encouraging the voices of young archaeologists across the world).

Jenny and I are proud to have taken our first steps into the world of professional archaeology, and we hope to participate in more conferences in future!

Oh yeah, and we won a bottle of wine in the raffle at the carbon dating booth… which wasn’t so bad either.

Sarah at the podium before her presentation

Jenny with Professor Dodd in front of her poster
Jenny and Sarah at the AIA, preparing to present!

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