‘Tis Art!

Somewhere, archaeologists are hard at work, doing important things. There is currently one right next to me, in fact, creating a 3-D model of his site in ArcScene.

So what am I doing? Making strange graphics for the blog using obscure internet applications.

Pretty, right?
'Tis Art, I say!

It’s beautiful. And there’s a bigger version here.

~I really shouldn’t sign my name


One thought on “‘Tis Art!

  1. This reminds me of poetry magnets, those little floppy magnets you could squeeze on your filing cabinet in the same kind vertical-horizontal distribution. I wonder how many archaeology-related sentences we could make out of the words here?

    “ancient mosquito fertility studies”
    “learned Sarah must chase Ashley going down our slide”
    “lab concessions upstairs – hold whiskey!”

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