‘Tis Art!

Somewhere, archaeologists are hard at work, doing important things. There is currently one right next to me, in fact, creating a 3-D model of his site in ArcScene. So what am I doing? Making strange graphics for the blog using obscure internet applications. It’s beautiful. And there’s a bigger version here. ~I really shouldn’t sign […]

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The Death of Archaeology?

Think of everything that’s ever made you want to¬†do archaeology –¬†lost shipwrecks, Stonehenge, a¬†golden Moche lord gracing the cover of National Geographic, Lara Croft and Indiana, the thought of¬†coming up a rise and¬†seeing at¬†your feet¬†an ancient city.¬† Probably not ambitions of wearing a lab coat and counting granules under a microscope.¬† Hence the challenging question […]

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