What We Did Last Friday

Friday, November 20, as you can see in the second and fourth respective posts below, was a day for reliving the lost langour of summer.

Let us qualify that: on Friday we powerpointed through a summer’s worth of field school/internship/conference photos and for a brief, heady seven minutes were transported back to languors of a mosquito cloud embalming us alive and of dirty ash flying into our eyes while we kept them trained on the ground for eight hours of surveying sun-cracked ashy ground.

O, how beautiful summer is!

There were eight members of the Society of Trojan Archaeologists and one Environmental Studies professor talking about what they did last summer in our long-awaited event.  WIDLS went off with only two hitches: 1) the rather amusing incident of DPS showing up at the lab upstairs, a hand on her gun but afraid to take any serious action on our lightweight classmate (we’re mostly girls, you know) because she was “waiting for backup,” and 2) a un-reschedulable yearbook photo in the middle of our presentations which had us sprinting back from PED after two or three awkward teeth smiles.  Amazingly, our audience was still there!  We were so gratified and humbled by their attendance that we gave them a tour of the ARC lab afterwards.

The people who spoke were

  1. Dr. Haw – ENST 499, Collapse of the Ancient Maya
  2. Sarah Hawley – AVRP survey in Turkey w/ Prof. Dodd and pottery illustration
  3. Sarah Butler – Getty Multicultural Undergraduate Internship, conserving things in Decorative Arts
  4. Cara Polisini – Cultural heritage studies and excavations on the island of Menorca
  5. Tiffany Tsai – excavation of Paleo-arctic kill site in Alaska
  6. Aaron Muller – excavating Tel Dor, Tel Bet Yerah, a site that USC had previously been to in Israel
  7. Miriam Mollerus – XRD of Ancient Egyptian artifacts at the Argonne National Laboratory
  8. Jacob Bongers – GIS work in Peru
  9. Ashley Sands – chairing a session at the World Archaeology Conference in Ramallah, Palestine

We hope that if you came you enjoyed it and if not, that you can join us next year!


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