A fellow ARC lab alum…

I officially graduated from the ARC Lab two and a half years ago (oh my gosh–it doesnt feel like that long ago!) But, I have been lucky enough to remain involved in the research, events, and friendships that I started while I was technically still a good ole USC student.

One of the people I met while researching in the lab, and then got to know even better while in the field with Professor Dodd at Kenan Tepe in Turkey, is Jon Vidar. I feel like we all take our undergraduate archaeology training in different directions when we graduate. Jon has used his undergraduate experiences of meeting Kurdish populations in Turkey and joined that with his masters degree in communication and love of photography.

Jon is now a member of the Tiziano Project. In their own words, “The Tiziano Project creates self-sustaining, multimedia, online citizen journalism in conflict zones and areas of the world neglected by the established press with a vision and goal of job creation for those we serve. We achieve these aims through collaborative media creation by pairing working professionals with local citizen journalists.”

Well, you may have heard that Chase is doing a philanthropy competition on Facebook. The organizations with the most fan votes received funding. Tiziano could really use our votes! It only takes a minute, so if you have the chance, here are the step by step instructions:

1) Go to this page on facebook: http://apps.facebook.com/chasecommunitygiving/charities/1228604

2) “Become a Fan” of Chase Community Giving (You must be a fan for your vote to count!)

3) Select “Vote for Charity” and make sure that the vote count went up so that you know your vote counted!

4) Please, please pass this along to all of your friends on facebook! We need all the votes we can get! You must have a Facebook account to participate.

fight on,



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