For thousands of years, the Venus of Willendorf was thought to have been worshiped as the pinnacle of beauty. The emphasis on breasts, hips and the in-your-face voluptuous gut are obvious symbols of fertility and the importance thereof. Many people disdain the current emphasis on thinness and ask where we went wrong, how our perception of beauty has been altered by the ~media~. I say this is quite simple from a values perspective– fat= food = survival + fertility. Being skin and bones was not a desirable thing for the better part of human history, mostly because it was a sign of malnutrition, an obvious lack of resources, and possibly bad genetics. If there is anything I have learned in my anthropology class, I have learned that propagation of species (“fitness”) works in mysterious ways. It’s deeply rooted in our subconscious sometimes, and sometimes criteria for sexual selection is even selected against… “Golddigger”, for example. If thought about objectively, is it really so awful to have a partner (male, as this term is generally ascribed to women) who is wealthy with resources?

But, then again, I ask you this: maybe this is simply a Paleolithic centerfold? An ancient Claudia Schiffer?