A fellow ARC lab alum…

I officially graduated from the ARC Lab two and a half years ago (oh my gosh–it doesnt feel like that long ago!) But, I have been lucky enough to remain involved in the research, events, and friendships that I started while I was technically still a good ole USC student. One of the people I […]

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What We Did Last Friday

Friday, November 20, as you can see in the second and fourth respective posts below, was a day for reliving the lost langour of summer. Let us qualify that: on Friday we powerpointed through a summer’s worth of field school/internship/conference photos and for a brief, heady seven minutes were transported back to languors of a mosquito cloud embalming us alive and of […]

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Cultural Change

For thousands of years, the Venus of Willendorf was thought to have been worshiped as the pinnacle of beauty. The emphasis on breasts, hips and the in-your-face voluptuous gut are obvious symbols of fertility and the importance thereof. Many people disdain the current emphasis on thinness and ask where we went wrong, how our perception […]

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It’s that time again! Time for WHAT I DID LAST SUMMER, a great event where USC students share information about summer archaeological opportunities. *** What did YOU do this summer? Archaeology students drew pottery in Turkey, excavated Maya sites in Belize, knapped flint points in Alaska, surveyed the Lake Titicaca basin, and restored bronzes at […]



I am currently in Portland attending the Museum Computer Network conference. I am learning a lot about creating databases, websites, etc. in the museum world. It’s a great link between my archaeology background and my current Information Science studies.   Ashley Sands

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Before I was an East Asian Studies major on top of Archaeology, I was a Philosophy major. In an intro class I took, the main focus was ethics. We discussed ethics throughout the ages, and I was lucky that my professor had his Ph.D in comparative philosophy so we had the opportunity to discuss both […]

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