My first conference…

So yesterday I learned that my paper, “The Iconography of Empire: Figurines from Tell al-Judaidah,” has been accepted for presentation at the AIA annual meeting. I’m simultaneously excited and intimidated. I’ve never presented my research in an environment like that, and my project still needs a lot of work. But hopefully I will have a wonderfully polished research paper completed by the end of the semester, something I can present in front of archaeologists and academics with pride.

I’m also working on getting STARC (the Society of Trojan Archaeologists) up and running for this year. I’ve designed a basic website, which will be available soon, detailing who we are and what we do. For those reading this (is anyone?), we are always welcoming new members, and we would be so pleased if more students (both undergraduate and graduate) would join. Our first event this semester will be “What I Did Last Summer,” an afternoon of brief presentations about what USC archaeology students did over the summer. This is a great way to learn about the various travel and research opportunities available and how to get involved. More details to come!

A few pictures of STARC, so you can see how awesome we are:

STARC students

STARC meeting

Getting dinner!

This is going to be a fantastic year, full of presentations, guest lectures, social events, and even a camping trip. We’re going to have a lot of fun. So GET INVOLVED!!

And now, I have to bring this post to a close. The football game comes on very soon, and I plan to be glued to the television.

FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!

~Sarah Hawley


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