Ok, so this is going to sound really dorky. But, I basically met an archaeology celebrity.

Senior year, a group of us took a year-long class where we studied cylinder seals and their relation to power in ancient society. We learned a lot of photography techniques with Professor Zuckerman and we wrote all of our personal-best term papers ever with Professor Dodd. Our textbook and about half of the articles we read were written by Dominique Collon…

Dr. Collon is essentially retired but still goes to a couple of sites each summer to analyze the seals they excavated that season. She came to Alalakh! We chatted a bunch and I got to show her how to do the portable PTM process on seal impressions. It sounds like someone had just shown her the dome about a month before, but she had never seen the portable version.

She even taught me that when there is dust on your seal impression, the best way to remove it without hurting the impression is to lick it off. She says that Edith Porada taught her that one…

🙂 ashley


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