In desert cultures across the Near East, they have a term for a dust storm so large and unpredictable it can stifle production for days called a “haboob” (هبوب).  And that’s how I feel about school– that it is my academic equivalent to a haboob. Since the first week, school has pretty much beat me […]

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My first conference…

So yesterday I learned that my paper, “The Iconography of Empire: Figurines from Tell al-Judaidah,” has been accepted for presentation at the AIA annual meeting. I’m simultaneously excited and intimidated. I’ve never presented my research in an environment like that, and my project still needs a lot of work. But hopefully I will have a […]

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Pompeii at LACMA

Friday night at the museum?  An easy decision for an archaeodork!  I’m taking AHIS 420: Studies in Ancient Art this semester, a class on the art and archaeology of ancient Greece and Rome (a lot of our upper-division courses are superimposed with vaguely descriptive titles), and as perks we got free tickets to the Pompeii exhibit at the L.A. […]

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Ok, so this is going to sound really dorky. But, I basically met an archaeology celebrity. Senior year, a group of us took a year-long class where we studied cylinder seals and their relation to power in ancient society. We learned a lot of photography techniques with Professor Zuckerman and we wrote all of our […]

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Back in LA LA Land

Well, this summer’s wonderful archaeological experience is now officially over. I arrived back in the States on the 26th, and while it’s nice to have hot water and deliciously awful food again, I really miss Turkey. This summer was long and full of hard work, but in the end we all learned so much about […]

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