Rain Delay

I’m officially halfway through my field school experience and am currently sitting around waiting to see if the rain decides to let us work today. We’ve finally collected enough information to start forming some ideas about how this site was used in the past. The size of the structures in combination with the amount of lithics present as well as the varying sizes of lithics being found are leading us to believe that this could possibly have been a lithics production site. This would be really interesting for Mayan archaeology because there is only one other known lithics production site. Over the years people have said a lot about the Mayan elites and lower class, but not so much has been said about a middle class. If this is indeed another production site, the professors think this could be the perfect site to learn more about this proposed middle class. The only problem is we’re running out of time to collect more data. Working on a new site has been exciting for its sheer unpredictability, but at the same time frustrating because everyone is so hesitant to make definite statements about what went on there. Bottom line, I want to know more!

happy thoughts and fun times,

Sara Pitts


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