Long time no blog!

Hello loyal readers (however many of you there may be)!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, so let me take this opportunity to update everyone on what’s new.

Basically… not much.

Just kidding. We’re halfway through the dig season, and I am now officially on the home team every day, drawing and inking and creating an illustration master list.  My 14-column Excel chart of drawn sherds from the last four years is now 828 lines and counting. I’ve been working on it all morning after discovering more scanned inkings on the server. Organization hadn’t been the greatest until this year, so a large part of what Ashley and I are doing involves making lists and compiling information on what exactly has been analyzed and what hasn’t.

Aaaaaaand the power just went out. Whee! That means it’s over 100 degrees with no fans!

Anyway, besides working on the sherd chart, I’ve also spent the last week learning how to ink my drawings! I actually find the process strangely soothing, probably because I’m a little crazy. But there’s nothing more satisfying than a perfect ink drawing after the long process of illustration. Once I finish inking everything I’ve drawn this year, I will scan them into the computer and create a folder on the server in which ALL THE ILLUSTRATIONS AND INKINGS AND SCANS FROM THE LAST FOUR YEARS AND MY WONDERFUL CHART are beautifully organized. Yes!!!!!!!!!

I did get to go out to the field for a week or two. I got to work with Lee in her trench, supervised by our good friend Marjie. We had a wonderful time getting hot and dirty and joking with the workers. I even got to excavate some awesome pottery pieces! (Top secret, naturally). I also learned how to take levels, bag finds, and identify mudbricks, skills that will be essential in everyday life once I return to USC. Or maybe not, but I’d love to come back next year and put them to good use!

Lee, Sneh, Nancy, and Su left yesterday, and I already miss them. The excavation team is getting smaller every week as people drift off to school and the “real world,” and I’m sad to see them go. Today was especially hard because Ashley is going to an AWESOME CONFERENCE in Ramallah where she will be heading a session on youth and the future of archaeology. It’s a great opportunity, but I’m going to miss her 😦  We’re home team buddies who keep each other sane during the long days. Now it’s just me, sitting in this mudbrick house, getting way too excited about pens.

I’m having a wonderful time here, long hours and (occasionally) monotonous work aside. The people are wonderful, the surrounding area is beautiful, and I feel proud to be a part of such an extensive and impressive project. If my inkings are good enough, they may someday be included in a publication, which would be absolutely wonderful.

I do miss things about the real world (best friend/current Peruvian archaeologist Jenny, pizza, really cold soda, butter, sleeping in, pretty clothes), but I’m going to be very sad when I leave Turkey to go back to school. This experience has been amazing in so many ways, both professionally and personally, and I’m so happy I decided to stay for the entire excavation season.

Now why am I getting maudlin? I still have a month left! Plenty of time for Turkish escapades and exciting archaeology. Also plenty of time for more blog posts… so consider yourselves warned.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of me in the illustration lab, once again hard at work!

Hard at work
Hard at work

More updates to follow!


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