Another New Site!!!

Super exciting news! A couple of days ago the 2 main guys in charge Samuel Connell and John Morris got lost while trying to find another route to Aguacate and ended up accidentally finding an entirely different/new site about 2 1/2 km away. As of yet all of us students have yet to see this new site because they are trying to negotiate with the Menonites who own all the land to convince them to let us excavate that site too. So cross your fingers for me because the professors said this site was just as big if not bigger than the one we’re currently digging at and I really want to see it!

At my excavation unit we’re still finding mostly flakes and sherds but today we also found several hammerstones and have uncovered a surprisingly intact stair-step. We also have collected enough sherds to tentativly date the latest occupation of the site to the late classic period.

More info to come as soon as I have it and the internet decides to work! 🙂

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