Now, I would never delve into the affairs of my sister, but it’s a pretty big deal when you’re leading a discussion group at the World Archaeology Congress (WAC). This year, it’s in Ramallah, Palestine. Kristin (my sister and an archaeology program graduate) will be leaving next week for WAC along with Ashley Sands (who posts here) and Georgiana Nikias (Archaeology ’07).

Just a plug.

Tomorrow I get to make a fun solution of tri ammonium citrate and tinker with that to get just the right pH to remove the rust off historic fasteners. It’s fun to work with chemicals. I finished toning the Marini appendage and it will be reinstalled soon. That was fun. first, i scrubbed all the old stuff off with shellsol (solvent) and a paper towel. then i mixed up some toned wax to color match the original cast of the sculpture (if you remember, the penis was a later addition) using dried pigment and molten veloz wax with solvent in it. i then painted the penis with the wax, let it cure a bit, then ran a solvented paper towel over it again and painted green powder pigment (to match the patina) onto the base coat. i’m going to let it cure overnight, then tomorrow morning i’m going to take it up to the sculpture and color match it further. i feel like this is really significant for some reason– not the penis, but the whole act of being given a piece of public art and told to fix it. i like it. it feels good. i’m just a lowly intern, but I just contributed to a piece of Getty art.

-Sarah Butler