So once a week we have a day off. Yay! It helps keep us sane around here since we work so hard and for such long hours the other 6 days a week. For the second day off, I went to the beach (Samandag Deniz).

The beach at Samandag

The beach at Samandag

We actually joked that we were going to swim over to Syria because it is so close to the border. Maybe next time.

I got a horrible burn because I (very intelligently) did not wear sunscreen. But, the Med was soooo warm and wonderful that it was totally worth it.

It cured my cabin fever and I was totally ready to get back to work analyzing pottery. BTW–they have excavated a couple of whole vessels in the last couple of days and they are BEAUTIFUL. I feel so honored that I get to register them!

–Ashley Sands