Friday morning: post-chai tea, pre-pottery drawing

Good morning world!!!

It’s about 7 AM, and we are in the midst of the last work day of the week. Only 6 1/2 more hours of pottery drawing and Fun With Excel before lunch!

I am currently caught up with all the pottery drawing–today I have one more pot to draw, and then I get to continue my latest exciting project: creating a master list of all the sherd illustrations from 2006 to present. Once this is completed, the information will be added to the database where it can be accessed easily.

Im proud of my pottery drawings!
I'm proud of my pottery drawings!

I’m in an excellent mood today, probably because last night was so fun. As Lexy posted, we went to a wedding at Atchana and danced non-stop. It was great to interact with the villagers in a context other than that of excavation. The music was loud, the clothes were beautiful, and everyone was very welcoming and enthusiastic. When we got back to the compound, Wuthering Heights was playing on the projecter, complete with Turkish dubbing. It was entertaining to watch without understanding what the actors were saying.

Speaking of understanding… I have officially begun my quest to learn Turkish! I’ve been studying during breaks and talking to Pinar, Neslihan, and Ferhat, three amazing people from the home team. They’ve been very sweet and helpful and have been kind enough to teach me a few raunchy things to say as well, just so I’m not limited to “Hello” “Goodbye” and “I go over there now” 🙂 With any luck, I will be able to have basic conversations before the season ends.

Time to get back to drawing!

-Sarah Hawley


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