My sins have been forgiven!

No really…on our first day off we visited St. Peter’s cave church in Antakya (the ancient city of Antioch). According to Pope Paul the 6th, anyone who pilgrimages to this site has their sins wiped clean. Sweet!

I actually went and tried to visit the church last year, but it was closed due to falling rocks. On an amusing note…because the guard from last year recognized me (we sat and had chai for a couple hours last year)–our whole group got in for free instead of needing to pay the 8 lira each admission price!

The church itself was amazing. It is rumored to be the first location where people met and were referred to as “Christians”. As you walk through the entrance into the cave, you immediatly notice a new sensation. Not only do you notice the physical temperature and humidity change–there is a sense that it is a special place.

The water that naturally gathers in a couple corners of the cave is supposed to cure disease. I said a prayer and spread some on my shoulder. Enshallah it will work.

Peace be with you, Ashley


2 thoughts on “My sins have been forgiven!

  1. I love that photo of the two openings with light shining through. It looks like the heat’s trying to come in.

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