My unexpected half-day

Well, some excitement!

Just as I was finishing up lunch with some other interns today, we all noticed a lot of tourists taking photos of not anything Getty related– meaning to the north to a hill with (usually) nothing but a very carved-out fire road.  Today, however, there was a HUGE plume of smoke rising from the crest of the hill on the Sepulveda Pass, where there is a brush fire every year at some point. The flames were pretty visible from where I was…

The Getty was evacuated of course. One of the trams that takes visitors to the top of the hill was out of commission, and it was hell for them to get down, as the 5-0 weren’t letting them walk. The employee shuttle was only taking people down to the south gate at first, but my car is that the north parking lot down at the bottom. It was a crazy zoo to get out of there. I actually got to take this third road down that takes the driver down to a back section of Brentwood… I found my way to Sunset Blvd. and fled to safety here at the USC ArcLab, where I will proceed to GIS the crap out of some tutorials.

–Sarah Butler


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