So on the South Terrace of the Getty, there are a few sculptures that were donated along with the rest of the Fran and Ray Stark outdoor sculpture collection. One of them is of a boy sitting on a pony, Marino Marini’s Angel of the Citadel. When the sculpture was first cast, this particular one didn’t have a penis. It was just an anatomically incorrect boy sitting on his anatomically correct pony. Ray Stark saw one that had a penis, and decided he wanted his boy to have the privilege of being endowed as well… So he asked the artist to cast him one. Now, there is literally a screwed on detachable penis that looks like it was cast from the head of a broomstick.

Anyway, “a member of the public” (security calls them that) unscrewed the poor thing, and so it’s sitting on a paper towel in my desk drawer. My supervisor is currently applying a bit of apoxy to the void hole, but I have the honor and privilege to tone the base of the penis so it blends in. At first, Lorena Bobbit came to mind, not going to lie… But thanks anyway, Public!