Roman Coin

I’ll be honest: my site doesn’t find much that would inspire masses of people to flock here. On our daily log sheets the cultural materials found part can almost always be filled in like this: pottery, bone, charcoal. sometimes the odd shell. maybe some slag. sounds like a dull dig. then we have these days where special finds literally fly out of the dirt.

the other day one of our students found a Roman coin. Covered in dirt we couldn’t read it so we sent it to a conservationist to clean it and analyze it.

So who was on the coin? Sabina, the wife of Hadrian, which made me ecstatic since I just spent all of last semester researching Hadrian and his economic policies.

So even though my site isn’t finding lost classical statues or rare forms of jewels I wouldn’t go back and pick another field school if I had the opportunity to.


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