Greetings from Cuzco, Peru!

June 18th, 2009

I have arrived in beautiful Cuzco, Peru!

The first thing that struck me about Cuzco is its beautiful location-it is nestled high up in the gorgeous Andean mountains. Everywhere I turn, I see the tall, snow-capped cliffs peering down on me. The city itself is also very beautiful, displaying a mixture of Spanish Colonial and Inca architecture. During my drive to I witnessed young students running happily to their classes, street vendors selling their hand-made crafts, and brightly colored buildings. Traffic was pretty bad during the drive but we made it through.

The hotel itself is absolutely perfect for me-It is centrally located (2 minutes walk from the central plaza) has free breakfast, and has very spacious rooms. The hotel representatives are super nice (my spanish isnt as bad as I thought!). I spoke with one of the representatives for around 45 minutes about my trip and she graciously offered her expertise and made excellent suggestions. I took it easy the first day in order to acclimate to the conditions. I rested and drank lots of coca tea in order to prevent altitude sickness from gripping my body. I had a wonderful chorizo sandwich for lunch and delicious hand-made pesto spaghetti for dinner. I will soon post about the EVENTFUL day I had today (June 19th, 2009)!


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