Waiting in Istanbul

Hooray, my first post!

So I arrived in Istanbul yesterday morning and have been here on my own since then.  Istanbul is the opposite of dull.  It is very loud, there are people everywhere, and the traffic is out of control.  Although I have spent very little time here, I managed to get in a car accident already! While my taxi was at a stop light, we got rear-ended by a car going 30 mph… good thing I was wearing a seat belt!  My luggage was wedged in the trunk, but was removed eventually.  Luckily the only thing damaged was my toothpaste!  Oh, and the taxi  😦

Needless to say I am excited to meet up with the rest of the USC people later tonight!! Hopefully everyone will arrive safely and jet-lag-free so we can explore a bit. We leave for Hatay tomorrow, we have a lot of ground to cover in a short period of time!

-Lexy Sinnott


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