Lexy and Sarah here!

We’re relaxing after our first day in Tayfursökmen, the village where the Alalakh dig house is located. Today, we experienced an EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!! 4.5. Apparently, Turkey is highly seismically active.

We also learned how to Munsell pottery and discussed tempers, firing temperatures, and various other exciting things.

Then we visited Alalakh, a Middle to Late Bronze Age site surrounding a palatial complex. The site is ginormous and very dirty. We will spend the first days of the excavation clearing excess dirt and doing epic battle with scorpions, snakes, and other inhabitants of the brush.

Tonight, we were treated to a massive brush fire behind our compound, literally twenty feet away. The field behind the dig house was being cleared in preparation for the upcoming harvest. We stood on the roof and watched the fire flickering in the darkness, cheering every time  the flames rose into cyclones due to the high winds.

Tomorrow, we will begin drawing pottery and organizing the workspace. More updates to come!


–Sarah Hawley and Lexy Sinnott