Switching Spus

Walking around with friends on a site visit.
Walking around with friends on a site visit.

Excavating in a house means there are lots of different areas to keep track of so years ago the BU excavation team named each room (or special unit) a different number. I dig in special unit 8 aka Spu 8. As you can imagine people get very attached to the first Spu that they dig in. This is our second full week of digging (the first was sort of a warm up) and no one wants to change from their areas. The room I am working in is an islamic period house which is extremely unique for the island of menorca. Up until this point all excavations have focused on the talayotic period (the older, native culture). So our house is the first to try and understand and preserve an islamic period house.

We are just at the point where our room is revealing some interesting mysteries (why are there roof tiles over half the house but just a ton of rocks over the over half?) and it’s time to be reassigned to another Spu.

I have loved everything so far so I’m sure I will like my next assignment. As someone who likes the Roman period, maybe I’ll get moved to that section of the house!

–Cara Polisini


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