The Ubiquitous French

Ah… While people slave in the Anatolian peninsular heat and take their malaria tablets, I bask on the terrace of the J. Paul Getty Center sipping beverages in the late afternoon sun, a light breeze coming from the west. It’s a small party of about 25 people, all who have worked hard to install the […]

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Exploring Cuzco

I¬īm not going to lie, I¬īm having the time of my life here in Cuzco. Yes, I haven¬īt started my archaeological work yet (early July-August 15th) but exploring the archaeological capital of¬†South America¬†and meeting AMAZING people along the way has truly been an incredible experience (and it has been only 4 days!!!!) June 19th 2009-Today […]

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Ash gets in your eyes…

Quote of the day: “Archaeologists are the cowgirls of science.” Pottery pun of the day: Did you hear about the shell cookpot that got in a fight?¬† I heard it had quite a temper! Today we surveyed the bowels of hell.¬† No, really.¬† We were checking out a Middle Bronze Age site, surveying a field […]

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Roman Coin

I’ll be honest: my site doesn’t find much that would inspire masses of people to flock here. On our daily log sheets the cultural materials found part can almost always be filled in like this: pottery, bone, charcoal. sometimes the odd shell. maybe some slag. sounds like a dull dig. then we have these days […]

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Greetings from Cuzco, Peru!

June 18th, 2009 I have arrived in beautiful Cuzco, Peru! The first thing that struck me about Cuzco is its beautiful location-it is¬†nestled high up in the gorgeous Andean mountains. Everywhere I turn, I see the tall, snow-capped cliffs peering down on me. The city itself is also very beautiful, displaying a mixture of Spanish […]

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Knowledge reaping

I dont know if internships are necessarily designed to be educational, but I feel like I learn some insanely large amount of knowledge every day. I say insane because my brain is shifting a zillion gears to keep up with all of it to the point where I go home and watch cartoons to shift […]

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