Weekends on Menorca

As much as I loved my first week of field school I was excited to see what weekends would be like. Turns out weekends are wonderful and another (totally non academic) reason to go to field school! Saturday our group went to a beach on the other side of the island and it was a postcard perfect beach: turquoise waters, white sand, cliffs you could climb…

Gorgeous beach on Menorca
Gorgeous beach on Menorca

Saturday was perfect but today (sunday) it decided to rain. Last year, the first couple weeks of the season were entirely rained out but we’ve been lucky and have had wonderful dry, warm weather. Since it rained today our site will be too wet to dig at tomorrow, which stinks since we haven’t been able to start excavation yet. Instead we will probably do some work washing pottery and sifting.

That’s how it goes, no schedule is set in stone here.

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