I’m Going to Field School on a Mediterranean Island!

This is my first field school experience and it’s hard to imagine a more perfect location than the island of Menorca. Smack in the middle of the Mediterranean, Menorca has been ruled and used by the Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors, British, French, and now it’s part of Spain. The site I’m working on is part of Torre d’en Galmes and is one of the largest sites on the island. All of Menorca is actually a biosphere, which means it’s totally protected. This is my first real day of excavation, so we’ll just be cleaning up the site and removing back-filled dirt. The field school is currently excavating a house that dates back to the Talayotic culture (about 800 B.C.).

Site visit in the few first few days at Menorca.
Site visit in the few first few days at Menorca.

If I’m going to be honest, though, you should know that Boston University is extremely kind to their field school students and eases them into the daily schedule. That means we’ve had lectures and toured the site but we’ve also slept in and toured the town. Tomorrow the early mornings begin.

–Cara Polisini


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