Ah, End-Of-Semester-Madness. Strangely, this is never seen as a pandemic though it affects thousands of college (and to some extent high school) students throughout the world every Spring and Fall. Definitely much more widespread than this N1H1 virus. Symptoms include insomnia, delerium, anxiety, panic attacks, and a tendency to waste time watching Youtube ridiculousness with a slight haze of guilt.

The lab is pretty much dead around this time, other than the poor soul wandering in who has not started their ancient vessel research for Anthro 310. You can hear Ashley watching Stephen Colbert, and Professor Dodd’s conference calls become longer since she’s been alleviated of undergrad nagging (though her absence at the moment makes the lab seem eerily quiet). Meetings with her have ceased for the semester, though many have not really seen the interior of the lab since the Symposium.

I suppose the most notable thing to write about at the moment is the distant feeling of excitement for summer– being lazy, eating Chips Ahoy and watching a marathon of Flight of the Conchords, lazing about… And then, you know, jumping into a muddy hole somewhere on the other side of the world, using a latrine, taking malaria pills and hanging out with dead/old things way cooler than your grandma. I am the only person on the executive board staying stateside this summer. Though I feel disappointment for not being able to live with the danger of contracting typhoid for two months, I feel confident in that I could possibly kill myself while databasing historic screws and nails. Yes, you got it, screws and nails.

To liven this entry up, here’s where everyone else is going:

Ashley, Kristin, Sarah Hawley, Lee, Ethan, Lexy, Christian, Aaaron: Turkey (Professor Dodd)
Aaron: Ramat Rahel, some other place in Israel (someone else remember please?)
Tiffany: Alaska for a CRM/Field School with U. Alaska
Sara Pitts: Belize (UCLA)
Jenny: Peru (Dr. Boytner, UCLA)
Jacob: Peru (School?)
Cara: Menorca, Spain (Boston U)
Kelsey: Tuscany, Italy (School?)

And I’m at the Getty, interning… For some screws and nails.

~ Sarah Butler