Alexander vs. Hannibal

We just had our end-of-the-year archaeology party, and, as usual, it was a giant nerd fest. We divided the students into two armies, led by Alexander the Great/Lame (Jenny, our social chair) and Hannibal Barca the Awesome (yours truly, the president). We then performed a series of challenges, mainly games of skill, to determine which general and which army was truly superior. The evening culminated with a game of trowel races, a relay race in which we had to run around while balancing cups on our “trowels” (which were actually ladles, since we all forgot to bring our trowels. Whoops).

Naturally, because we are all so amazing, the armies tied. Hey, there’s enough glory to go around.

Jacob and Jenny were also honored with ARC sweatshirts for their wonderful showing in the symposium (Jenny won 1st place, Jacob got Honorable Mention). Check out their projects here:   Jenny Jacob

Overall, the party was a wonderful way to end what has been an incredibly successful and exciting year for Trojan archaeologists.

And now for pictures!

The generals face off!
The generals face off!
Some archaeologists like to come in costume...
Some archaeologists like to come in costume...
Sweaters! Huzzah!
Sweaters! Huzzah!

Congratulations, Trojan archaeologists, on a fantastic year!

-Sarah Hawley


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