Weekends on Menorca

As much as I loved my first week of field school I was excited to see what weekends would be like. Turns out weekends are wonderful and another (totally non academic) reason to go to field school! Saturday our group went to a beach on the other side of the island and it was a […]

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I have been thinking a lot lately about visas/permits/etc. There are different requirements to work, research, live, visit, or anything else you may be interested in doing in a country. I mention it now because I am currently in Los Angeles waiting to head off to Turkey. Hopefully. You see, we want to start working […]

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Bakersfield is famous for…?

Spain, Alaska, Mediterranean views, Cheetos in a tent a zillion miles from civilization… Pish. This weekend Ashley and I made the exotic trek to Bakersfield, California to present at the American Rock Art Research Association (ARARA)– a trip filled with views of cattle, caravans of trucks huffing and puffing their ways up the Interstate 5, […]

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On Squeaky Clean

Two days ago, I was eating a bag of Cheetos in the cook tent and noticed that each time I wiped my mouth with¬†a napkin it left¬†chocolaty¬†smears on the paper.¬† It wasn’t the radioactive orange you usually get from dyed cheese–I wondered if being in the sun all day had blurred my vision, since there […]

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A break from writing about Nazca shamans’ cactus-induced hallucinations

Ah, End-Of-Semester-Madness. Strangely, this is never seen as a pandemic though it affects thousands of college (and to some extent high school) students throughout the world every Spring and Fall. Definitely much more widespread than this N1H1 virus. Symptoms include insomnia, delerium, anxiety, panic attacks, and a tendency to waste time watching Youtube ridiculousness with […]

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Respecting our conglomerate

Just like companies have quarterly meetings where they look over their checkbooks and decide who to lay off, we had our last Society for Trojan Archaeologists (STARC) meeting of the year today, over free pizza and soda from the ARC lab. ¬†Fortunately it appears that we are doing a lot better than corporate America. ¬†Thanks […]

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