High Times at the SAAs

Greetings from Atlanta!

Undergrad students trying to decide which session to attend at the SAAs
Undergrad students trying to decide which session to attend at the SAAs

It’s 11:40 now…except that it’s actually 2:40…and we are finally turning in.  Archaeologists were still partying it up 33 floors below when we left the room at the Marriott and performed the obligatory peering over the railing for thrills.  The conference has been amazing so far–papers upon papers upon posters talking about everything archaeological under the sun, for example Iceland sheep, Maya paleoclimatology, and 3D laser scanning.  Every two to three hours the rooms/halls have a different session, and there’s at least 16 of them so the speakers keep coming.  And in the basement an entire exhbition hall filled with (zomg!) BOOKS.  University of Arizona Press is there, as well as Oxford, Cambridge, Left Coast, and mostly every publishing group that would ever be assigned for an archaeology class.  The fun part is mingling with all the other name-tagged professionals and guessing at who’s a famous archaeologist excavating in a place you really want to go to.

–“Archaeologists are notable alcoholics.”  quote heard at the moment

Our Friday culminated in an Ashley Appreciation Party at the Sidebar in downtown Atlanta.  Ashley was–totally deservedly–credited with such achievements as being the nicest person ever, being a genius, being super organized, making people less scared of Professor Dodd (Professor Dodd said this), always being there, and having sexy boobs.  We all love her and will miss her next year; it’s a good thing this conference has fostered bonding so we can collectively attempt to keep the schedule from going to a shambles next year.  Anyway, there’s a UCLA party tomorrow night (the name is not verboten when in connection with archaeology) and a full day of more awesome papers before that.  Night y’all!

–Tiffany Tsai


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