Congrats to all of the USC Archaeology folks who participated in the symposium. Seriously–you were awesome! Take a look at the write-up in theUSC College newsletter

All participants at the 2009 symposium awards dinner

All participants at the 2009 symposium awards dinner

And an amazing quote: “For the 11th year, undergrads of Bruce Zuckerman and Lynn Swartz Dodd have taken top honors in the research symposium. Swartz Dodd and Zuckerman of religion have acted as sponsors for students in multiple fields, mostly associated with the USC Archaeology Research Center. Combined, they had 17 student participants.”

Now that the symposium is out of the way (well…for another 352 days…) a bunch of us are heading off to Atlanta, Georgia for the annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology. Lynn Dodd will be taking 9 undergrads and 2 recent alumni (some of us just can’t get enough of the arc lab). We are all excited to meet some of the experts that we read about in textbooks, listen to interesting papers, and scout out potential grad-school advisers. Well…and we plan to bond…

Oh, did I forget to mention that the students in Dodd’s class today prepared a Neolithic meal? Yep. It’s true. Trust me, its not easy to find wheat grains, acorn squash, and the “articulated joints of large bones of lamb or mutton”–even in LA!

–Ashley Sands