The Mummy Returns

It is the mark of an interesting major that its explanation frequently requires disabusing people of notions acquired through big-budget, star powered, pyrotechnically floozy movies.  It’s fun to say you’re in archaeology not just because of the “Oh cool” that follows (Accounting majors probably get the same comment, but how many times do people actually mean it?) but also because, every once in a while, that response is followed by another one like “Wow, Indiana Jones…” or “Yeah Lara Croft kicks ass!”  And if you’re really lucky, though this has never happened to me, you get asked what your favorite dinosaur is–although it will probably be couched in language more academically involved, the educated lay public being at least somewhat so.  N.B. I leave children out of these sarcasms until they are of an age to be independently moviegoing.

So archaeology students are pretty spoiled by the countless entertainment opportunities they have in everyday discourse with relatives, employers, high school friends, and new acquaintances.  The question is, can we keep laughing in the style to which we have become accustomed once we snatch up our diplomas and hotfoot it out of town?

An article linked to Cleopatra a few days ago suggests an affirmative answer, thanks to what some of the readers posted on USA Today with regard to REAL sites and REAL archaeologists using LEGIT excavation methods.

So, are Liz Taylor and Richard Burtron going to be on hand to sign autographs ?

Ok, but apart from the roads, bridges, aquaducts, feats of engineering, fast food stands, paid sex houses, sewers, medicine, ect… What have the Romans ever done for us?

[in response to that] Everything we hold dear today, we owe to the great Romans………..from roads, to bridges, to aquaducts, to engineering, to fast food stands, to paid sex houses…………..etc etc etc

And, my favorite:

The Mummy Returns

–Tiffany Tsai


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